Differences mother’s love and your lover

your mother will love you and let you do what’s best for you, you think, give feedback and encouragement as well as trying to guide you into a good boy ..

your boyfriend will love you but will not let you to do what’s best for you, you think, tend to rule your life .. and if you try to resist, he will be angry!

your mother will continue to love you even though you’re far away from him, even when you are gone ..

your boyfriend will be reduced his love, even when you’re far out, especially when you are gone ..

your mother will receive you with open arms even though you have hurt her deepest ..

boyfriend also will accept you, but before that, you have to apply sweet!

your mother would never demand anything from you even though he has loved you since you were born ..

lover who just loves you will demand a reply from his love ..

your mom will meberimu space as possible to share the love of your friends, people around you .. even your boyfriend

tend not to give your lover an opportunity to share love, even if you do not intend to cheat, because he will always think you’re cheating!

your mother will actually give you the most sincere love and sincerity in the face of this earth ..

your lover? No!

“Never trust woman except she’s your family” .. sounds bitter, but it’s reality ..

when the time comes we all need a second dose of love that love in each of the two love .. because without it, life would be empty ..

wise in love and be loved, in interpret love
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