Style of Treatment Rasulullah SAW

Muhammad Saw style of treatment:
Praise belongs only to Allah. Rabb ruler and natural penggengam semseta. Sholawat and greetings may always devoted to the great man, uswatun hasanah, giving examples of application of the revelation of God in all aspects of life, the Holy Prophet.

Rasulullah Saw is the best role models for our Islamic ummah (QS.33: 21). Role models that cover all aspects of our lives, including in health care or treatment and treating the sick. Allah says: “Verily, there has been on (myself) that the Messenger of good role models for you (that is) for people who expect (grace) of God and the (arrival) Day of Resurrection and he is much mention of God.” (QS.33: 21) .

If God has guaranteed that the Rasulullah Saw is a perfect example that means all the deeds he is to bring salvation, God’s goodness and ridlo Swt.amalan he was not an issue limited to matters of worship maghdhoh but covers all aspects of life including health. That’s because all the words he is the revelation of Allah who created the semsesta and holding secret (QS.21: 45; 53:4).

practice examples of the Rasulullah Saw in the field of health:
One example in between the many lessons from his practice in the health sector is in terms of food he orders. He saw senaniasa chew when eating foods as soft as possible. In one of history mentioned that he ordered his friend to chew food 33x. For the layman and short minds, this is certainly annoying.

But not so for doctors. They found that the food eaten would gently to prevent someone from disease perut.Oleh therefore doctors recommend us to chew food for 30 – 45 times. What’s the secret? No other is that the foods we eat after passing through the mouth and throat will go down into the stomach. In the stomach this will be destroyed so that safe food is digested by the intestine. When food enters the stomach, the stomach will release gastric acid whose function is to destroy the toxin also food or pathogens that enter the food mass. When the food intake to the stomach was too coarse (less soft chew), then the stomach will release the amount of gastric acid and pepsin to mengancurkannya. Consequently, gastric acid and pepsin It will turn injure the gastric mucosa causing inflammation of the stomach. This is the cause of ulcer disease.

Subhanallah, how perfect guidance of Allah which He revealed through His Messenger.

treatment concept of the Prophet Muhammad:
In Saheeh Al-Bukhari narrated from Said Bin Jubair, from Ibn Abbas, the Prophet Sholallahu alaihi wasalam

“Recovery was 3, with honey to drink (bisyurbata ‘asala), an incision knife Hijamah (syurthota mihjam), and with a hot iron (kayta naar) and I forbid my ummah to treatment with a hot iron.”

“Use two healers; Qur’an and Honey” (Narrated by Abu Hurairah Thabrani Ath)

There are many saheeh dalail arguments that explain treatment Nabawi. But the hadith of the two samples showed that the treatment recommended by the Prophet is: The Qur’an, honey, al Hijamah (incision knife / bruise), and kay but rasululullah prohibit the latter.

a. Treatment with the Qur’an:
According to Imam Ibn Qayyim Al Jauziyah in his book At Thibun Nabawy that the disease was classified as 2 types of disease that is painful inner and dhahir (physical). .

Mental illness is a disease associated with the away mind (heart) someone from Allah SWT. The disease is surrendered elements of the human soul as avid, trance etc.. Treatment of this disease is with the Qur’an (Worship, prayer, ruqyah Syar’iyah).

While the second, is a disease dhahir (physical). This disease medicine is the medicine physician in accordance with the Qur’an

b. Treatment With Honey:
Allah says “From the belly of bees came out drink (honey) that a variety of colors, in which there is healing for mankind.” (An Nahl: 69).

Honey, a medicine also foods that are stated by Allah in the Qur’an. Hence the Prophet sebaga very fond of using honey as food or medicine. He even saw most like to drink honey in the morning with cold water mixed. It was intended to maintain or treat intestinal diseases.

Here are the benefits of honey:

a. Bacteria can not resist honey

It is advisable to use honey to treat burns. Honey has anti-inflammatory process specification (anti-inflammatory activity)

b. Honey is rich in antioxidant content

Phenolic antioxidants in honey has a high active power and can increase the body’s resistance against oxidative stress (oxidative stress)

c. Honey and oral health

When used for brushed teeth can whiten and healthy teeth and gums, treat canker sores and other mouth disorders.

d. Honey and scalp

By using a liquid yield of 90% honey (honey mixed with warm water) every other day in the infected parts in the head and face gently massaged for 2-3 minutes, honey can kill the lice, eliminate dandruff, hair lengthen, beautify and melembutkannya and heal scalp disease.

e. Honey and treatment of diabetes

Honey is capable of lowering blood glucose levels of diabetics because of the elements of antioxidants that make it easier assimilation of sugar in the blood so that sugar levels do not seem high. Honey is rich in nutrients vitamins B1, B5, and C in which people with diabetes in desperate need of these vitamins. A small dollop of pure natural honey will increase rapidly and a large content of sugar in the blood, so the cells will stimulate the pancreas to produce insulin. We recommend that diabetics perform blood analysis first to determine the dose that allowed him under the supervision of a physician.

f. Honey prevents the occurrence of colon inflammation (colitis), gastritis and peptic ulcers

Honey is a good role to protect the colon from the usual injuries caused by acetic acid and help the treatment of stomach infection (gastritis). At levels of 20% honey could weaken pylori bacteria cause peptic ulcers in the plate experiment.

g. In addition, honey is very nourishing, softening the body’s natural system, eliminating the unpleasant taste of drugs, clean the liver, improving urination, suitable for the treatment of cough with phlegm. Fruits dipped in honey can last up to six months.

The best honey is the most clear, sharp and white and not the sweetest. Local honey taken from the wild mountains and trees has its own virtue than usual were taken from the nest, and it depends on where the bees hunt food.

Besides honey, he also often use plants as food or medication such as:

* Habatus sauda / cumin / Syuwainiz
* Dates
* Olive oil
* Goat milk, etc.

. From here there are some scholars who interpret the honey as a natural medicine.
c. Medicine Al Hijamah (bruise)


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