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Benefits of Duha prayer is medically

hadith – hadith about praying Duha:
* Abu Dhar r.a. narrated that the Prophet said, “Every bone and joint of your body is alms; each rosary is a charity, every tahmid is a charity, every tahlil is a charity, every Takbir is a charity, every amar ma’ruf is a charity, and every nahi evil is alms. So, who can fulfill it’s just done two cycles of Duha prayer. “(Reported by Ahmad, Muslim, and Abu Dawud)
* Abu Hurairah r.a. said, “My beloved, Muhammad Saw. Intestate me to do three things: fasting three days in each month (Hijri, that is white or Bidl fasting, dated 13,14,15), two cycles Duha prayer, and for me to pray Witr before sleeping. “(Bukhari- Muslim).
* Holy Prophet. He said: “Prayer Duha prayer that those who return to God, after people started to forget and busy work, that is when the kids wake up because of hot camel berbaringnya place.” (Muslim)
* Buraidah r.a. narrated that the Prophet. said, “In the human body there are 360 ​​joints, and he was obliged to give alms to every joints.” The Companions asked, “Who can afford it, Messenger of Allah?” He replied, “spit in the mosque who dipendamnya or something that removal of the road. If he is unable, then the two cycles Duha was inadequate. “(Reported by Ahmad and Abu Dawud)

Stretching is really absolutely necessary, for our readiness to meet the day full of challenges. And, the Holy Prophet. mention the polite phrase: “the right of each joint.” All that is needed with two cycles Duha. Prayer does have a unique combination of every movement for the body. It’s just for the Duha, waktunyalah which is unique; time when the body requires energy but must also be prepared to block stress that hit.

Medical Benefits of Prayer Duha and their descriptions:
Dr. Ebrahim Kazim, a physician, researcher, and director of the Islamic Academy of Trinidad-states, “repeated and regular movements of the body During prayers improv muscle tone and power, tendon strength, joint flexibility and the cardio-vascular reserve.” Orderly movement of prayer strengthen the muscle along the tendon, joint and extraordinary effect on the cardiovascular system. That is stretching and preparing for the challenge, but the difference with regular exercise are: reward is incredible! Abu Darda r.a. narrated that the Prophet. said, God ‘Almighty says: “O son of Adam but do pray four rak to me at the beginning of noon, then I will give thee the adequacy up to the end of the day.” (Reported by at-Tirmidhi). Moreover Duha prayer is not only useful to prepare themselves to face the day with a series of irregular movements, but also counteract stress that may arise in their daily activities, according to the testimony of dr. Ebrahim Kazim about prayer: “simultaneously, tension is relieved in the mind due to the spiritual component, assisted by the secretion of enkephalins, endorphins, dynorphins, and others.” There is a tension that disappeared because the body is physiologically mengelurakan substances such as enkefalin and endorphin. This substance is a type of morphine, including the opiate. Both effects are also no different from any other opiate. The difference is, this natural substance, produced by the body, making it more useful and controllable. If the goods prohibited kinds of morphine can give a sense of fun, but then lead to addiction is accompanied all the negative effects of-endorphin and enkefalin not. It gives a sense of happy, relieved, calm, relaxed, naturally. Making someone look ebih optimistic, warm, fun, and as to the environmental spread of this aura around him.

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