Collect back cotton – cotton

It is said, there was a wealthy merchant and influential in the community. Trading activities were required him frequently out of town. One time, because the association is wrong, he began to gamble and bet.

At first a small, but because they could not resist the lust for victory and restore its defeat, the merchant getting dark eyes, and finally the money his efforts during this much depleted at the gambling table. His wife and children abandoned and they become poor.

A stranger no one knew about his habit of gambling, then to cover it, he began to spread slander, that the bankruptcy because of the trust, his best friend, betrayed him and embezzling a lot of money. The news is increasingly spread out, so that faithful companions, fell ill. They family is suffering, highlighted with suspicion by the local community views and ostracized from society.

The merchant never expected, the impact of his actions so bad. He rushed at once come to see apologizes to her friend “Buddy. I plead guilty! I should not inflict my bad deeds by spreading slander to you. Really, I’m sorry and apologize. Is there anything I can do to make amends have I done?”

With an increasingly feeble condition, the friend said, “There are two request. First, please take a pillow and take it to the roof of the house. When I got there, take the cotton from the pillow and spread out a bit by bit”.

Although not understand what a strange request, in order to atone for sin, immediately implemented the request. After the cotton out in the spread, he returned to the man who was dying.

“Your wish I had done, what the second petition?” “Now, collect the cotton which had been spread before you,” says the friend with an increasingly weak voice.

The merchant was silent for a moment and replied sadly, “Sorry pal, I could not grant this request. Cotton-cotton has spread everywhere, could not be collected again.”

“So is the news you’ve spread the lie, the story would end only with an apology and sorrow for it” said the sick

“I know. You really my true friend. Even though I made a mistake so great but you still want to give a very valuable lesson for me. I swear, will try my best to repair the damage I have done, once again please forgive me and thank you buddy “. With stammering voice and teary eyes, dipeluklah friend.

As the proverb says, slander is more cruel than murder. Lie did not end with remorse and apology. Often it is difficult for us to accept the mistakes we have done. If possible, someone else who bear the consequences of our mistakes.

If that’s what will happen, then for what do the slander that only makes others menderita.tentu … Far more enjoyable to do something that makes other people happy.


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