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Red and White Football Joyless

Football Indonesia is shaken. The loss of confidence towards the country of football lovers stewardship Nurdin and his friends in the body of Football Association of Indonesia (PSSI) to be triggered. A wave of protests against Nurdin to step down was flowing profusely.

Not the resignation or absence of Nurdin who became a big problem for Indonesian football. But what about the continuity of coaching and the program is already running? It certainly would interfere with various activities of PSSI, especially Indonesian national team program, the League of Indonesia until the formation behavior.

This condition must be observed various circles, especially the current management of PSSI. Austerity PSSI officials and urging the swift retreat Nurdin from various circles to make football Homeland glum. This condition will continue to take place when Nurdin and other officials did not put forward a wise or prudent attitude.

PSSI board with a tough stand, it would certainly be bad for football coaching. The reason there is a difference of understanding between central and local governments. Policy to attack each other between the two containers of this guidance was not inevitable. Area no less outspoken against what he instructed PSSI center. Programs that have been defined in the meeting of PSSI was only just to be a record.

Whereas Indonesian national team was faced with two major agenda of the Pre-Olympic games and the SEA Games in 2011. With the swift soccer pencita pressure Indonesia to PSSI, indirectly interfere with the players psychologically as well as other team members. On the one hand they are still fighting it the name of the nation, but in other aspects they are certainly concerned with what happens in Senayan.

It is not possible now meraka affected. Administratively, all Indonesian national team and coaching activities in the area must be approved center. So what if there is something very urgent and need a decision from the central SPIS? What if the Liga Indonesia is facing a serious problem? Certainly not yet be answered. In essence, coaching programs and agendas PSSI demonstrators disrupted a total of anti-Nurdin and PSSI officials still survive.

Now one question arises. Is Nurdin and other officials have a soul of nationalism? If I had, of course PSSI officials take a stand with the burgeoning wave of action that shows distrust. Ideal and wise course to provide power PSSI to another figure who is really worthy of a professional. Attitudes must be upheld legowo PSSI officials. Because of what they entailed is now a mandate from the people.

In addition, the board PSSI should also realize that over the last 10 years Indonesia has never brought prstasi. This fact should be used as the basis for the board PSSI to legowo stepped down. Imitate other countries football leaders to resign for failing to provide performance.
Fetra Hariandja


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