Russian Military Fighter Jet Purchase 600

The Russian government intends to rejuvenate their military strength by providing new military equipment. Russia’s Defense Ministry plans to buy 600 fighter planes and several large amount of other combat equipment.

With a budget of USD650 billion, or approximately Rp5.749, 25 trillion (Rp8.845 per dollar), Kemenhan Russia also plans to buy 100 warships and 1,000 helicopters until 2020.

Russian First Deputy Defense Minister Vladimir Popovkin said, this ambitious plan will add eight nuclear-powered submarines and two aircraft carriers. Purchases of aircraft carriers of the complete two other ships which Russia purchased from France.

This plan was also reported along with the plan of downsizing the number of Russian military personnel, which have been considered too fat. No less well to ward off criticism of a lack of equipment owned by a Russian fighter this time, as reported by the Associated Press, Thursday (02/24/2011).

Personnel reform is indeed proposed by Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov and potentially causing 200 thousand Russian military personnel have lost their jobs, as well as the possibility of 10 units of military units to be disbanded.


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