Kick-sex favors Without Pain

OFTEN feel pain when copulating? Do not worry. Maybe you are tired physically or psychologically disturbed you.

Approximately 15 percent of women and 5 percent of men turned out to have experienced pain condition when copulating with their partner. Yes, the pain when sex can be caused by two things. First and second psychological factor of physical factors. To ease it tries to brand new condom or apply a different foreplay techniques will resolve the issue. If the cause is psychological factors, then you both can do the therapy to heal.

Since the cause of the pain between men and women are different, you should know the following reasons, as reported by Health24.

When men experience pain during sex

This usually happens when a man with an erection or ejaculation. The pain is usually caused by infection or irritation of the penis or inflammation of the urinary tract. Other factors can also be triggered due to sexually transmitted diseases you have, such as herpes or genital warts. This of course can cause illness when he was maintaining an erection. If the male foreskin inflamed, it will cause pain when withdrawn. When the infection attack you, try to overcome with the use of antibiotics to ease the unbearable pain.

When women experience pain during sex

The cause of pain for women is usually due to drought in their vagina. When a woman is sexually aroused, the gland Miss V will remove fluid that serves as a lubricant. If this process is disrupted, the amount of lubricant will not be adequate. As a result, women will feel pain during intercourse.

Lack of “foreplay” or changes in female hormone levels can also cause interference lubricants. To overcome this, an antihistamine can ease it. Do not use lubricants that can not be guaranteed free health, because it will reduce the effectiveness of condoms and actually encourage infection Miss V. For women who have reached menopause hormone therapy to relieve dryness of the vagina can be an option.


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