Demo Continues on Stadium Jakabaring

PSSI revolutionary mass movement demanding not only appears in Jakarta. In Palembang any football lovers were moved to action.

After yesterday held a rally at the intersection of five Road Captain A Rivai, Palembang, the fans joined in the Lion Mania, Kaskus Community Srivijaya, Sriwijaya up Community, and the Alliance for Reform Support PSSI again held a demonstration at two points Pempek downtown location, on Wednesday (23 / 2 / 2011).
“We are demonstrating in the Fountain Roundabout. In addition, continued mobilization of the masses toward the Stadium of Srivijaya, Jakabaring, Palembang. But not to watch the team play but a rally in front of the stadium, “said Dedi Pranata, coordinator of the action.

Ascertained, slogans popular with the lyrics read, “Down, down, down Nurdin Nurdin down now!” will return them to sing.

Yells that takes the rhythm track a child’s creation titled Planting Corn Mother Sud anthem seemed to rally event for succession in the body demands PSSI since mastered Nurdin Halid cs for the past seven years.

Not just demonstrations, also threatens mass boycott of the match between PSSI Turkmenistan opponent in the Pre-Olympics 2012. “This is not the attitude that we do not love the team, but solely because it wanted the PSSI more open up and listen to the aspirations of the people who want change in body PSSI,”said Dedi.


5 Responses

  1. Makin mantap aja nih blog, isinya menarik dan bermanfaat banget buat nambah pengetahuan… Selamat malam sob, Saya tunggu kunjungan baliknya.

  2. ada yang mau tukeran link saya blog saya? kalau mau silahkan kunjungi

  3. ini dia yang saya cari, artikelnya sungguh bermanfaat.terimakasih gan informasinya.jangan lupa kunjungi blog saya ya!

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