Theory 5 people

A philosophy of Dr. Charles Schulz, author of “Peanuts” comic strip.

We need not answer all the questions .., read and get a valuable message.

1. Name the world’s fifth richest org
2. Name 5 winners tropy
3. Name the last five miss america
4. Name 5 org nobel winner
5. Name five Academy Award winners org

It’s hard to remember it ..
The point is, none of us who still remember it.
Applause has vanished, awards switch.
The achievement has been forgotten …

There is another quiz, see how you do this reply:

1. Name five teachers who have helped you in your journey of success in school
2. Name five friends who help you in difficult times
3. Name 5 org yg teach you something valuable
4. Name 5 org yg make you feel appreciated and special.
5. Name 5 org yg you really enjoy the time with him.

It’s easier ..?

The lesson: orang2 who make a difference in your life is not who won the award orang2 ….,
But they are orang2 cares and loves you with a sincere …

So, treasure every moment you may have with org2 it … especially the family.
Because time is always running, and we never know what will happen when it transferred the Lord dr orang2 our side ….


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