Neil Franklin The Sumatran Tiger Doctorate

Do not ever believe, that the tiger organs as a panacea for health. All of that just as the economic incentive for illegal wildlife trade increasingly in demand. That is the opinion of Neil Franklin was a British citizen who holds a doctorate Sumatran Tiger.

Unique taste has a doctorate Sumatran Tiger. What else do people who won that title actually comes from abroad. Neil is so familiar greeting that was born in England in November 1969 ago. Husband of Ida Kartikasari this, an alumni of the University of Oxford in 1992 ago. After college, the father of three boys are continuing their education for my doctorate.

Unmitigated, a doctorate that he has to hunt is the Sumatran Tiger. In 2001 it was he raihnya degree from the University of York in England. Indonesia, the country is not foreign to him. Since sitting in high school in 1983 ago, this man had often walked back and forth to Sumatra. Understandably, when the parents again has a cement plant construction business in Aceh.

Habit that in Sumatra, making his heart stirred to act in the state of others. A month before earning a doctorate, an advertisement in the mass media featuring the opportunity to join to move the field of conservation.

“Suddenly one of his buddies give excerpts from newspaper ads that ask candidates to join the ‘Sumatran rhino survey expedition’. With a sense that life is still long, the experience is still lacking, and with a sense of curiosity about Indonesia which have not been fulfilled, I decided to join the expedition that. And finally arrived back in Indonesia in 1993, “Neil said in a conversation with AFP.

Moving on from the activities of environmental smells, Neil curious to continue studying about the environment in Indonesia. He had korsevasinya in Sumatran Rhino Expedition had partnered with other NGOs, including WWF and the Foundation Badaka Sumetara. One of the best outcome of this task is to build a rhino sanctuary program. This is an anti-trafficking program of wildlife, and patrol and safety programs of endangered species that still continues to this day.

“An unforgettable experience in sumetara. For years the simple life among the beauty of nature to meet various types of wildlife. I go back and forth from one forest area of ​​West Sumatra, Jambi, Bengkulu, South Sumatra and Riau. Even when doing the survey, had pursued the group poachers in the jungle, “Neil recalled that a large part of his life much longer in Indonesia than in his homeland.

Sumatran rhinoceros of the expedition, Neil was switched conducted a survey of Sumatran Tiger. Journey in the forest area, he can see how people who rely on the deepening of environmental friendliness for the welfare of his family.

From there he learned that the conservation of nature is nothing if not associated with an increased quality of life of people living in the vicinity. The balance between the interests of economic, social and environment is very important and should be mutually supportive in sustainable development.

Of the many wild animals in Sumatra, her life endangered Sumatran tiger is unique and attractive. The Sumatran tiger has a special status in the cultural community. The presence of Tiger as never cracked the confidence and trust of society that the tiger as an alias Datuk grandfather who until now believed by many people. Animals are for people other than the king of the jungle, is also a form of punishment as well as a protective sign. That proved inland communities provide special tribute to tigers wildlife coexistence in the middle of the jungle.

In conducting this survey Sumatran tiger, Neil had worked closely with the Ministry of Forestry. Doing any activity supported by funding from Canada, the United States and Britain. During the 7 years of this program to “pioneer” in the management, calculating and understanding of tiger ecology and conservation of tigers and their habitat challenges. The program also examines the problem of human-tiger conflicts and to implement the capture and relocation of tigers with problems.

“The purpose of all of them to integrate the conservation of tiger and biodiversity in managed landscapes in oil palm sector, forestry and plantations,” said Neil.

From various surveys related to Sumatran tiger trade so far, can be ascertained, that the organs of animals dilingdungi it is very much demand. The issue continues to grow that traditional medicines from tiger organs are considered the most efficacious drugs for health.

Although many traditional medicines have the power based on proven science, the business affairs of other tiger body again. According to Neil, has been scientifically proven that there is no treatment effect, even it has approved the experts of traditional medicine in the world. The problem of illegal trade in organs is driven purely economic factors and human greed. An increasingly rare commodity, certainly more expensive. Tiger body parts sold only because of its rarity it.

“The buyer lied to buy something exclusive, but that in a profitable trade and the middleman, not the consumers. While the chain of illegal trade is an important factor that encourages increasingly rare Sumatran tigers in Indonesia’s natural forests,” said Neil, who had worked at PT Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper (RAPP) is a paper company in Riau.

For traders, the extinction of tigers may be the umpteenth affairs. The more rare species, then the international market price itself increasingly expensive. “If only these tigers will become extinct, then the traders will again make an issue of organ goat as a panacea. So do not ever believe if the tiger is the organ that topcer traditional medicine,” said Neil who is now an independent consultant bekarie as that.

Conflict between tigers and humans that often occurs at this time not because of feed a tiger that has been step due to human hunting. When food sources are not available anymore, then by itself tigers search for food out of character. This is not to mention their habitats were increasingly narrow. Conditions that gave birth to a prolonged conflict with humans.

“The government and the community must work hard to save the forests and the tigers are left. If not, all just a mere Dongen,” continued Neil.

For Neil, Indonesia is very interesting, because so many development challenges. Pun was still full of potential to learn from the mistakes of other countries development. Indonesia, because the wide with a creative society, and vast natural resources, for Neil still has the potential to become a sustainable nation.

“Therefore, it still has great potential to progress rapidly and be proud of in this world. I am very optimistic about this either to the existence of the Sumatran tiger and also for the sustainable development of Indonesia at large,” concludes Neil.


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