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Mystery Stone Black Stone and the fact that Mecca is the Center of the Earth


When Prophet Ibrahim with his son to build the Temple many shortcomings they experienced. At first Temple there was no roof and the entrance. Prophet Abraham with Ishmael bertungkus menjayakan kumus for fostering with transporting stones from various mountain.

In a story mentioned when coaching the Temple was finished, the Prophet Ibrahim was still feeling the lack of a more rock to be placed on the Kaaba.

Prophet Ibrahim said to Prophet Ismail said, “Go thou shall find a stone that I put as a marker for human beings.”

Then the Prophet Ismail as any to go from one hill to a hill to look good and fit the stone. When the Prophet Ismail as’m looking for rocks on a hill, suddenly came the angel Gabriel as giving a beautiful stone. Prophet Ismail immediately brought the stone to the Prophet Ibrahim Prophet Ibrahim a.s. feel happy to see a truly beautiful stone, he kissed her several times. Then the Prophet Ibrahim asked, “Where you can rock it?”

Prophet Ismail said, “This stone I received is not burdensome than my granddaughter and grandson (Gabriel).”

Prophet Ibrahim kiss the stone again and followed by Prophet Ismail as So now the Black Stone is kissed by the people who go to the House. Anyone who bertawaf at Temple disunnahkan kissing the Black Stone. Hundreds of thousands of Muslims scramble to kiss the Black Stone, who did not kiss enough with just a wave signal.

There is a history of states that once the stone is pure white Black Stone, but due to be kissed by any man who came to religious visit to the Temple, he became black like there is now. A’alam Allaah.

If the man kissed the stone there arose such a feeling as if the kiss kiss the Prophet Ibrahim and Prophet Ismail. Remember, O my brethren, Black Stone diperkenan was a place of prayer. For those who have leisure, and sesduailah pray there, God willing, will be heard by God. Keep our hearts when kissing the Black Stone in order not menyengutukan God, because strongly devil trickery in the Holy Land of Mecca.

Remember the words of Caliph Umar ibn al-Khattab when he kissed the stone (Hajar Aswad): “I know, really you just plain rock. Had I not seen the Prophet kissing you, I certainly would not do (kiss the Black Stone). ”
Neil Armstrong has proven that the city of Mecca is the center of the planet Earth. This fact has been examined through a scientific study.

When Neil Armstrong for the first time to travel into space and take pictures of the planet Earth, in saying: “Planet Earth was hanging in a very dark area, who hung it?.”
The astronauts have discovered that the planet Earth is a kind of radiation release, they officially announce it on the Internet, but unfortunately it 21 days later the website raib seemingly no reason hidden in the elimination of the website.

After doing further research, it turns out radiation was centered in the city of Mecca, precisely derived from the Kaaba. What is surprising is that radiation is infinite (endless), this is proven when they take pictures of Mars, the radiation is still ongoing. Muslim Researchers believe that this radiation has the characteristics and connections between the Kaaba on the planet Earth with the Kaaba in the netherworld.
In the middle between the north pole and south pole, there is an area called ‘Zero Magnetism Area’, meaning that if we remove the compass in the area, then the compass needle will not move at all because of the attractiveness of the same magnitude between the two poles .

That is why if someone is living in Mecca, then he will live longer, healthier, and not much influenced by many forces of gravity. Therefore it was when we round the Kaaba, it seemed to us in re-charged by a mysterious energy, and this is a fact that has been scientifically proven.

Other studies reveal that the Black Stone is a stone’s oldest stone in the world and can also float in water. In a museum in England, there are three pieces of stone (from the Ka’ba) and the museum also said that chunks of rocks are not from our solar system.

In one of his saying, the Prophet SAW said, “Black Stone was sent down from heaven, the color is whiter than milk, and the sins of our children and grandchildren that make Adamlah black. (Jami al-Tirmidhi al-Hajj (877))

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