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Love and emulate the Prophet

Jakarta – In every Birthday of Prophet Muhammad SAW, poetry Bimbo spiritual song: “Fly us to you O Messenger of God, longing no terperi. Throughout the distance from you O Messenger of God, Thou felt here. Ikhlas Love thy in humans, like light Suarga. Can we reply to your love, be humble “, representing all our feelings of Muslims.

Longing and love of the Prophet Muhammad are often expressed with a feeling of love that sometimes emotional, not willing to see the Prophet and his teachings got insults, desecration and abuse by fighting people and groups who outraged the prophets and the teachings of Islam through jihad physically.

Islam is often depicted as a cruel religion, like the violence and warfare. Islam became the religion of scary, when in fact the Prophet Muhammad emphasized Islam as a religion of peace and mercy brought salvation for the whole of nature.

Islam comes from the Arabic language of origin of the word “Salam” which means “Peace.” The sentence of Islam itself, if translated means “Congratulations (Peace)”. The phrase “Greetings” in Hebrew is ‘Shalowm’ which means “peaceful prosperous.” The scholars commentators who refer to the Qur’an, survived the kemungkaran (crime) and survived the fires of hell (the wrath of God).

As a religion that brings peace, prosperity and blessings for the whole of nature, the prophet of Islam which spread into the most important milestone for human life in building a modern civilization and society (civil society). So is the spread of Islam in the archipelago. The guardians and scholars of Islam spread throughout the archipelago by the way of peace, “suro diro Joyodiningrat, melting Dening pangastuti” (all crimes anger or will lose with magnanimity), and in Islamic terminology is called “Idza jaal haqqu wajahaqal false, Innal bathila zahaqu kana. ”

To love the Prophet

Love does have a different expression for every human being, as well as the love of the Prophet Muhammad, a man who glorified Allah, the leader of exemplary people who sent a messenger of God to edify the human. Last Prophet (khataman nabiyyin), there is no prophet after him, a lover of God who was called as a human being who believed Al-Amin.

With all kerinduaan and profound love for the prophet, we want to give important records how we express love to the Prophet with a view and a deeper perspective in our lives with keperibadian imitate the Prophet Muhammad.

In a history narrated how the love of the companions of the Prophet. Towards the end of his life, Prophet Muhammad who was suffering from pain, once led the Fajr prayer, the Prophet stood on the podium and asked the friend. “Dear friends, you know my age will no longer run. Who among you has ever felt persecuted by the weak is, awaken now to take retribution, do not you wait until the end of the world before, because now it’s better.”

See all friends still, the Prophet repeated his words in a voice that sounded louder. Still just the friends sit quietly. Until his words a third time, a man stood up to the prophet, he Ukasyah Ibn Muhsin. “O Messenger of Allah, had I been with you in the battle of Badr. Untaku and untamu side by side, and I was up to you to to kiss you, oh beloved of Allah, then flicked the whip to untamu you to run faster, but you actually hit the hull side, “said Ukasyah.

Hearing this, the prophet commanded Bilal took the whip in the home of his daughter, Fatima. Bilal looked so heavy fulfill orders prophet, he would not want to whip whipped body was carrying her lover, but he also did not want to disappoint the prophets. Soon after arriving, the whip given to the prophet and quickly whips went into the hands Ukasyah. Mosque instantly met by thunderous voice of the friend.

Suddenly darted forward from the front row and the bearded figure of mournful-faced wet with tears, he is Abu Bakr and courageous figure who feared his enemies on the battlefield, Omar Ibn Khattab. They say, “Hi Ukasyah, beat the two of us, at will that you flagellation. Choose any part of the most you want, kisaslah us.” Sit down you’re my friend, God already knows your position, so the command prophet.

See Abu Bakr and Omar sat down, Ali bin Abi Talib stood up in front Ukasyah boldly. “O servant of Allah, here I am ready to replace the surviving Apostles retribution. This is my back, swing your hand as much as anything, deralah me, Allah indeed knows the position and niatmu O Ali, sit back,” said the prophet.

“Hi Ukasyah, you know, I was the brothers, we are the Prophet’s grandson, our flesh and blood, not when you whip us, that means mengkisas Apostles also.” Husin Hasan and perform in front Ukasyah. Then the Prophet admonished them, “O my eye conditioning, I know you love me, sit down.”

Mosque swallow again silent, Ukasyah remain upright facing the prophet. Now there was no longer a stand to block the Ukasyah take retribution. “O Ukasyah, if you’re still eager to take retribution, this is my body,” the Prophet took a step toward him.

“O Messenger of God, when thou mencambukku, nothing that prevents a kainpun crack the whip.” Then the Prophet was let go ghamisnya and body tersingkaplah holy Prophet. Instantly shouted Takbir echoed, all present were weeping bitterly.

Seeing the body of the prophet, Ukasyah directly off a whip and berhambur into the body of the Prophet. Whole direngkuhnya love the prophet, he wishes sepuas back ciummi prophet. Feelings of longing to the prophet he shed at the time. Ukasyah cried excitedly, screaming emotion, trembling lips say, “ransom, my soul O Messenger of Allah, who is the heart of human mengkisas beautiful like you. I just hope my body is attached to the body up to God with these features keep me from touching the fire of hell.”

With a full smile prophet said, “Know, O man, who wants to see the inhabitants of heaven, then a personal look at this man.” Ukasyah immediately fell down and prostrate praise God and his other companions scramble to kiss Ukasyah. Takbir shrieks echoed. “O thou blessed Ukasyah has secured the Prophet in such a definite, cheer you, that you become one who accompanied the Apostle of God in heaven,” said the friend.

Emulate Prophet

For us Muslims the Prophet Muhammad, the prophet would love to make the prophet as a role model in our lives. Exemplary prophet Muhammad SAW was not because of the power of government and state political power is so great that owned the Prophet. He became a role model for mankind because of virtue and morality that are owned, “Indeed there has been on (myself) that Rasulullah suriteladan good for you (that is) for people who expect (grace) of God and the (arrival) Day of Resurrection and he is much mention of God . (Surat al-Ahzab: 21).

Imitate the prophet means to emulate how the prophet build ridho households earn Allah. The Prophet with his wife, Siti Khadijah always trying to get to realize and foster a sense of mutual love love, love love, respect and always maintain a good reputation and helping in goodness and piety. Prophet maintain, care for and educate their children with full responsibility and compassion so that her children always believe and fear Allah, so that their lives useful and happy.

Prophet Muhammad always instill faith and devotion to the people they lead, always strive for brotherhood among muslims (ukhwah Islamiyah) materialized, frequently consulted with his companions, trying to erode the influence of material from within the Muslims. Prophet Muhammad was the leader of a consistent, firm stance in upholding truth and justice.

Prophet Muhammad also always try to maintain and improve the health, cleanliness and beauty of the Islamic body. Always familiarize themselves with exemplary character and to distance themselves from the despicable character, pious and enterprising charity that benefits the people. So Allah praises the Prophet: “And thou (Muhammad) is really a great virtuous character.” (Surat al-Pen: 4).

Prophet Muhammad was a person who has a high sense of affection towards orphans, the poor and people displaced. Love the prophet not only to fellow human beings, even towards animals and other creatures of God’s creation.

Imitate the Prophet Muhammad meant to emulate keperibadian him as a trusted leader (trust) not only from people but from God. Leadership is trustworthy (trust) was achieved because the prophet always develop a personality that puts a good moral attitude and honesty (Siddiq), improving skills and convey what it is (tabligh) and develop the capacity and intelligence (fathanah).

Love and emulate the Prophet not because we want to be a prophet. As an imperfect human being, not always true, all-limited, never escape from all the mistakes and do injustice to fellow human beings, we love and emulate the Prophet because he wanted to get a guarantee and Intercessory of the Prophet in the hereafter. And Allaah knows best bishawab.

*) Revelation Triono LOVE Indonesia KS is Director, Professional Campaign Consultant and Politic DInov PROGRESS In Indonesia and the Deputy Secretary-General PKMN KAHMI.


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