Female Privileges

Many women say that hard to be a woman, see
rules below:

1. Women guarded his private parts is harder than the men.
2. Women need to ask permission from her husband when going out of the house but
not vice versa.
3. Women’s witnesses (if a witness) is less compared to men.
4. Women receive less inheritance than in men.
5. Women need to face adversity conceive and bear children
6. Women must obey their husbands, while husbands do not have to obey
on his wife.
7. Divorces lies in the hands of husbands and not wives.
8. Women less comfortable in worship because of menstrual problems and
9. and others.

But Have We See fact?

1. Expensive objects will be kept and be stroked and kept
place the safest and best. It is certain that diamond
comparison with a woman.
2. Women need to be obedient to the husband, but know he must obey
to his mother 3 times more mainstream than the father?
3. Women receive less inheritance than men, but
Know that it would be his property and does not need
handed over to the husband? While the husband when he inherited
must also use his property to his wife and children?
4. Women need to take pains conceive and bear children, but
Know that every time she prayed by all creatures, angels and
all God’s creatures in this earth, and know if he died
because childbirth is a martyr and heaven awaits him. Diakherat later,
a man will dipertanggungjawabk an against 4 women, namely:
His wife, mother, daughter and sister. That is,
for a woman to her responsibilities borne by 4 people
man, that is: husband, father, son and brother.
5. A woman may enter the door of heaven through any door
he liked enough with 4 terms only, namely: Prayer 5 times,
Fasting in Ramadan, obedient to her husband and maintain
6. A man must wage jihad in Allah’s way, while for women
if obedient to her husband and fulfill its responsibilities to the GOD
SWT, then he will receive a reward equal share as reward people
go for jihad in Allah’s way without the need to take up arms.

Be assured that as a substance that the Creator is definitely going all omniscient GOD created him so that his rule is the best for humans.


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