Up So Baby Names of Women in Egypt

A young Egyptian named his first daughter up. Name up is on the rise in Egypt during the overthrow of President Hosni Mubarak as it is considered meritorious to mobilize mass demonstrations before large scale in Tahrir Square.

According to news reported by local newspaper Al Ahram and the web site quoted Tech Crunch, the young man named Jamal Ibrahim and 20s. His first daughter was named up Jamal Ibrahim.

Although there is YouTube, Twitter, and Google, which foreshadowed the Egyptian people’s struggle to overthrow the authoritarian government, up the most popular. A number of graffiti writing graffiti on the wall “Thank You up” to celebrate the victory of the Egyptian people.

Even Wael Ghonim, Google’s staff at the Egyptian security forces had arrested during the protest took place, in particular, expressed his gratitude to the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg during his interview with CNN. Ghonim use pages on Facebook hers to express protest against police brutality that confront the protesters.

Up now as a hero and a new idol for the people of Egypt. It is estimated there are about 5 million Facebook users in the country and the largest among other countries in the Middle East. Facebook also recorded an increase in user productivity in the last month. Since large-scale demonstrations began January 25, 2011, appeared 32,000 and 14,000 pages of discussion groups within two weeks.

Now, the Egyptian military began using up to establish communication with the people, especially the technology-literate youth. Egyptian Interior Minister also has a number of special pages to polish his image back.


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