Deddy Mizwar: Movies That was dictated by the U.S.

Actor, director and producer Deddy Mizwar say excited about the tax situation for foreign movies are originated from the circulation of the DGT letter dated January 10, 2011.
As if our nation tempeh, not daring to western nations. Cinema was dictated by the U.S. United States – Deddy Mizwar

He said the letter only underscores for importers pay the correct and fair tax according to tax laws and regulations. “I am so confused with the MPA (Motion Picture Association), if baseball will enter the film why so excited. And they do not want to pay taxes properly and fairly,” he said in a press conference related to national film policy and the problem of tax / duty for foreign movies in Building Sapta Enchantment, Kemenbudpar, Jakarta, Sunday (02/20/2011).

Therefore, he continued, not circular contains a tax increase. Deddy said the MPA statement misleading. “There’s a pit between society and government. The country is suppressed by western traders,” he said. The occasion was also attended by actor and senior director Slamet Raharjo.

He said the parties are enraged and threatened not to insert the film imports into Indonesia. “As if our nation tempeh, not daring to western nations. Cinemas was dictated by the U.S. (United States),” he said.

He regretted that even Indonesia’s own people who fuss about it. Jang also said to be ready to face those people.

“Dude Noorca (Massardi, spokesman for the 21 Cineplex) gave false information. Do not let a traitor of the nation,” said Jang.

In addition, Jang also said there is an unfair tax system in force for the film Indonesia. Because the national film taxed a much higher tax than imported films.

“The film import tax was only $ 2 million for a coffee. While the movie industry for instance with the production cost of Rp 5 billion would be taxable income of Rp 500 million,” said Jang.

If a movie import makes 25 copies, then the film is only exposed to tax imports of about USD 50 million only. This figure is very much cheaper than imported film policy in Thailand. In Thailand, the film taxed imports 30 million per copy.


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