Love your parents

One time, there lived a big apple tree and a boy
happy playing under the apple tree every day. He was pleased
climb up to the treetops, eating fruit, lying in
leafy shade leaves. The boy loved the tree
apple. Similarly, the apple tree loved the little boy.

Time flies. The boy has now grown big and not
again playing with the apple tree every day. One day he
went to apple trees.

His face looked sad.

“Come over here and play with me,” pleaded the apple tree.
“I’m not a little kid playing with the tree again.” Answered the child
“I’d love to have toys, but I had no money to buy it.”
The tree replied, “Sorry, but I did not have money … but you
apelku should take all the fruit and sell it. You can get
money to buy toys. ”

The boy was very happy. He grabbed all the apples on
tree and left happily. However, after that the boy could not
never come again.

The tree was sad again.

One day the boy returned again. Apple trees are very pleased
saw it coming.

“Come play with me anymore.” Said the apple tree.
“I do not have the time,” replied the boy.
“I have to work for my family. We need a house to a place
live. Will you help me? ”
“Sorry, but I did not have a house. But you can cut down all branches
rantingku to build your house. “the tree said.

Then the boy cut all the branches and twigs apple tree
and left happily.

The tree was also felt happy to see the boy happy, but
the boy never came back again.

The tree was again lonely and sad.

One hot summer day, the boy returned again. The tree was

“Come and play with me.” Said the apple tree ..
“I’m sad,” said the boy.
“I’m old and want to live in peace. I want to go on vacation and
sailing. Will you give me a boat to cruise? ”
“Sorry, but I do not have a boat, but you can cut my body and stem
use it to create a ship that you want. Go sailing and
have fun. ”

Later, the boy cut the tree trunk and make the ship
the diidamkannya. he then went sailing and never again come
see the apple tree.

Finally, the boy returned again after all these years later.

“I’m sorry my son,” said the apple tree.
“I do not have apple for you anymore.”
“It’s okay .. I also have no teeth to bite apelmu fruit. ”
Replied the boy.
“I do not have a trunk and branches you can climb.” The word tree
“Now, I’m too old for that.” Replied the boy.
“I really do not have anything more can I give to you.
What remains is the root-akarku old and dying of this. “Words
the apple tree with tears.
“I do not need anything else right now.” Said the boy.
“I just need a place to rest. I was so tired after
all these years. ”
“Oooh, very nice. Do you know, the roots of old trees is the place
best to lie down and rest. Come, let us lay
root-akarku hug and rest in peace. ”

The boy lay in the arms of tree roots. Apple tree
very happy and smiling with tears in his eyes.

This is the story of us all. The tree is our parents.
When we were young, we are happy to play with our mom and dad.
When we grew up, we left them, and only come
when we need something or in trouble.
No matter what, our parents will always be there to provide
what they can give to make us happy.
You might think that the boy had been acting very rough
on the tree, but that’s how we treat our parents.

Spread this story to brighten more colleagues. And,
The most important: love our parents.

Tell your parents right now, how much we love him; and
thank you for all the life that has been and will be handed to


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