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Learning to Improve Self-Confidence Of Men

According to Gail Evans, author of Play Like a Man, Win Like a Woman, we often criticize the men who would trust themselves to look like arrogance. But, too often women and doubted him even modestly despite their attainment is very high. There seems to be saying to the men, “You certainly can do anything!” while to women, “Be careful, you could get hurt.” What can we learn from him about self-confidence?

1. Do not doubt yourself
Just because you have never or no experience running a company that does not mean you can not do it. According to Evans, the alpha male (Alpha Male) thought they would be able to pass the challenge. Therefore, men are given promotions based on chance, while women promoted based on job performance.

2. Forgive yourself for any mistakes immediately
Barbara Wright Abernathy, author of Venus on Top: Women Who Are Born to Lead and the Men Who Love Them said the men never punish herself for small or big mistakes they did. While women often condemn ourselves for mistakes is minimal though. Why men can forgive yourself so quickly? According to Abernathy, it could be because men have a lot of experience competing in the sport, which makes them easier to release the burden of the mistakes they did. “In basketball, for example, you can not think much about the ball that had just failed you enter, because the can-can, even failed to enter the next opportunity.” Abernathy suggests, “So, next time you feel made a big mistake, take a deep breath, and lift the ball again.”

3. Do not worry about rejection
When you first try to work as a sales, Abernathy remembers how upset she was when not managed to hook the customer, and he noticed her male colleagues did not look annoyed when they repeatedly get a rejection. “I have a great sales manager who explained that I did not need to take care of that rejection.”

Regarding the face of rejection, most men have little advantage, for years they spent to encourage women to date and a few women who dare to take risks to try like this. Most men will continue to try, try, and try to be a partner, if not, they will never have a partner. When you get used to rejection, the pain will be dulled, and you are so much lighter step to the next prospect.

4. Stop apologizing
Evans said, women have a classic problem, the woman apologized for everything. As you say, “Sorry, I do not want to spend your time, if you have time, can you please read my short story,” told a magazine editor, same thing you tell it to not have to read your writing.

5. Take your right
Did you ever notice, most men do not feel daunted when asked for a raise even though her boss said he greedy? Or, some men do not feel guilty about spending all day playing golf while his house a mess? In fact, when they work hard, they did not trouble to take them to ration off fatigue and a bit of fun.

Not the job of your boss to tell you that your presence is very valuable and you deserve more pay, it’s your job to assess and evaluate their own work. According to Abernathy, this is very common in women who are trying to work with their own efforts. Indeed, sometimes need exercise and annual progress and believe that you are good enough to be raised salaries or take a leave of absence.


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