The reason for death of Arifin and Toisutta

From the results of verification that dimumumkan Selection Committee, on Saturday (02/19/2011), Arifin Panigoro and George Toisutta otherwise not qualify as candidates for Chairman and Vice Chairman of PSSI period 2011-2015. Selection Committee had their abortion merahasikan reasons.

“The reason everything will be contained in the Decree (SK). And, SK is personal and confidential unless the concerned will pass it on. I think that we were invited. All prospective candidates will get the decree,” said Chairman of the Selection Committee, Sharif Bastaman.

However, through electronic mail that is sent to a source, get a copy of the decree is given to the Election Committee as a candidate Toisutta Arifin and General Chairman and Vice Ketum. In the decree, to be declared in writing that the candidate passed the verification period 2011-2005 PSSI chairman shall meet at least four requirements referred to article 35 yata (4) of the Statute and Regulations Organization PSSI PSSI Number 02/PO-PSSI/1/2011 on Procedures How Elections Chairman, Vice Chairman, and members of the Committee PSSI period 2011-2015.

After the appropriate requirements are intended, Arifin Panigoro not meet the requirements of the must have been active in football at approximately five years. The reason, kapasitan Arifin Bandung Raya as the management of the Foundation as stated in the curriculum vitae dated January 31, 2011, Yayasan Bandung Raya had never been applied and were accepted and registered as a member of PSSI as stipulated in the Statute of the PSSI.

About kapasitan Arifin, who is active in coaching at an early age U-15 Cup competition Medco, Selection Committee to assess, Medco Cup does not necessarily indicate that Arifin active in coaching at an early age U-15 competition.

“Medco only acted as sponsors. Interrelation PSSI and Medco only as a sponsor. Interrelation PSSI and Medco limited to mere commercial engagement and not bound by self-Arifin,” wrote the decree.

Furthermore, Arifin also do not qualify for involvement in the Premier League Indonesia (LPI). “That the Premier League Indonesia is not known and is not recognized by PSSI and thus violate the statute PSSI. Whereas with regard to illegal activity, PSSI has imposed sanctions on several Sanski-club, game devices, offisial, and players involved in the activities of the Premier League Indonesia . Even on January 27, 2011 and February 1, 2011, PSSI has also officially reported to FIFA, “said the decree.

On that basis, the Selection Committee decides Arifin not pass the verification because only meet the three requirements of the four conditions required. If you see the Election Committee’s decision, this decision was quite odd. The reason, in the Statute of the PSSI article 35, paragraph 4 says “… They have been active in football at least five years ..”

When interpreted, a candidate who is active in football in five years means it comply with that chapter. While the liveliness Arifin as Bandung Raya management of the Foundation from 2004 until now and the Goblet of Medco already shown that he was active in football.

Problem Arifin involvement in LPI, one of the successful team Arifin, Saleh Mukadar, already suspected that LPI will be a weapon for PSSI to scuttle Arifin. On an occasion, Saleh asserted, Arifin was not involved in LPI or consortium.

“He just supervising. There are no clear rules Arifin is part of the LPI. After all I am confused. PSSI should thank the LPI. As the organization’s highest soccer, PSSI should protect the LPI. Not to kill the league. If we want to open- openings, should Nurdin Halid who do not qualify. Many of the things that makes him unfit to be leader of PSSI again. It should be no change in body PSSI if you want change, “said Saleh at the time.

Meanwhile, Toisutta otherwise not qualify because they do not meet the requirements of football had to be active in at least five years. The consideration is as follows:

a. Kapasitan Toisutta only as a football coach in the Army environment that is Pleton-C/741 years 1978-1979, Kompi-C/74 `year 1980-1981, 700/Wrb Infantry Battalion 1991-1992, Kodim 1417/WRb year 1993-1994 , Rindam II / SWJ year 1996-1997, Rem051/Wjy 1997-1998, Divif I / Kostrad 2004-2005, Kodam XVII / TKR 2005-2006, Kodam III / Slw years 2006-2007, 2007-2009 Kostrad , PSAD Center in 2009 until now. He is not as official and / or players who have the responsibility of technical, medical, and administrative measures as provided for in statute PSSI.

b. The club that nurtured Toisutta is also not a club who are members of PSSI and has never been applied and were accepted and registered as a member of PSSI PSSI as stipulated in the statute.

c. PSSI Certificate Number 034/KU/PC.PSSI/K.BDG/II/2011 Bandung Branch, dated February 3, 2011: 0SK/20/1/2011 recommending Toisutta to become Chairman of PSSI, Selection Committee believes, PS / SSB Bara Siliwangi is not a club who are members of PSSI and has never been applied and were accepted and registered as a member of PSSI PSSI as stipulated in the statute.


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