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PSSI to Drop Sanctions Board LPI

Disciplinary Commission (Komdis) PSSI impose sanctions against the referee, assistant referees, coaches, local players and foreign players being involved actively in the Premier League Indonesia (LPI). Sanctions are based on the statute PSSI.

As quoted from the official site PSSI, there are 53 matches device name, coaches, and players are being sanctioned by Komdis PSSI for breach of discipline had done. Some of them already known to be involved since the LPI has not been officially rolling, so that the Decree (SK) Komdis it was signed in December last. Meanwhile, another decree signed in January and the final decree, signed on 4 February.

Of the total of 53 offenders and the Statute of the PSSI this discipline, 26 of which are the ranks of the match, the match supervisor (PP), the referee and assistant referee. A total of 20 foreign players and six coaches were sentenced.

The punishments given to the referee and the device Komdis game is revoked license. Then, for the coach, Komdis revoke the license or freeze them. As for foreign players, these players ITC Komdis declared void.

“Komdis finish his duty to uphold the sovereignty of football on the efforts of certain parties who hold a football competition without complying with the rules of FIFA. All parties involved are found guilty of bad behavior on the PSSI and FIFA,” said Chairman of the Disciplinary Commission, Hinca Pandjaitan, Friday (02/19/2011) afternoon.

“What do Komdis PSSI is to maintain the sovereignty of FIFA as the sole owner of the football,” said FIFA Hinca suggests the existence of a letter on January 11 and signed by FIFA secretary general Jerome Valcke.

Letter from Jerome Valcke, among others, emphasized the importance of PSSI take measures against football component involved in the LPI. This problem will also be taken at the FIFA Emergency Committee meeting that was held in Zurich March. Following the efforts or actions that have been done by the PSSI of the elements of LPI, FIFA then send back two letters in a row on 9 and 10 February that appreciate PSSI remedial measures.

Funnily enough, the news that was launched from the official site of this PSSI, writing that the LPI is considered legal by FIFA. It was there in the first paragraph.

“PSSI Disciplinary Commission announced the names of the game, as well as foreign coaches and players are subject to sanctions because it is actively involved in the Indonesian Premier League, soccer activities that are contrary to the Statute of the PSSI. Line of devices the match, including referee and assistant referees, and coaches and these players, not to mention foreign players, was sentenced for his behavior is not commendable to participate in the activities of LPI, which is considered legal by FIFA. “


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