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How to Become a Hacker

The word ‘hacker’, nearly all of them related to technical skills and penchant for solving problems and overcoming limitations. But if you want to / be / a hacker, there are only two relevant definitions.

There is a community, culture, consisting of skilled programmers and network specialists, whose history began with the first minicomputers decades that have time-sharing and time of the early ARPAnet experiments. Of the members of this culture the term ‘hacker’. Hackerlah who built the Internet. Hackerlah that make the Unix operating system to be like now. Hackerlah which operates Usenet. Hackers make the World Wide Web running. If you are part of this culture, if you’ve contributed something to this culture, and other colleagues in it recognize you as a hacker, then a hackerlah you.

How to think hackers are not limited to software the hacker culture. There are people who apply the hacker attitude on many other fields, electronics or music – in fact, I think the hacker is on the highest level every field of science and art. Hacker software recognizes this same spirit and
sometimes call these people “hackers” too – some also argue that the nature of a hacker does not depend on the container where he worked. But, henceforth, we will focus on software hacker, skills and attitudes, and traditions
shared culture that gave birth to the term? hacker?.

There is also another group that mention themselves hackers, but it’s not. They-they are (mainly composed of young men) get satisfaction by breaking into computers and outsmart the phone (phreaking). True hackers call these people ‘crackers’ and do not like to hang out with them. True hackers regard crackers as people are lazy,
not responsible, and not too smart. True hackers do not agree to say that by breaking the security person has to be a hacker, just like to say that mengontakkan car makes a person instantly become an engineer. Unfortunately, journalists and writers have been misguided and use the word ‘hacker’ to describe crackers; something that always upset the true hacker.

The fundamental difference between hackers and crackers: hackers build, crackers break. If you want to be a hacker, continue reading. If you want to be a cracker, go to newsgroups alt.2600 and be prepared to spend five to ten years behind bars after finding out that you were not as smart as you think. That’s it
needs to be said about the cracker.

Hacker Attitude

Work hacker solve problems and build things, and hackers believe in freedom and voluntary cooperation. To be accepted as a hacker, you must act as if you have this attitude. And in order to do so, this attitude must be really believed.

But if you intend to cultivate this attitude is only acceptable in the environment for hackers, so you do not catch the meaning. Being a person who believes the hacker attitude is important for / your own / – to be able to continue to learn and motivated. Just like all other creative arts,
The most effective way to become an expert is to imitate the ways of thinking other experts – not just intellectually but also emotionally.

As revealed by a modern Zen poem below:

* To follow the path:
* Look at the expert,
* Follow the expert,
* Walk with the master,
* Recognize the ahili,
* Be the expert.

So, if you want to be a hacker, repeat the following statement until you truly believe in:

The world is full of interesting problems that await
to be solved.

Being a hacker is actually fun, but ‘fun’ that demand. This effort requires motivation. Successful athletes get their motivation from a physical satisfaction when their bodies in action, while pushing themselves beyond the physical. Likewise, to become a hacker you have to feel interested in solving problems, sharpening skills, and train intelligence.

If you feel like this is not intuitively, you should try to be so if you want to succeed to be a hacker. Otherwise, your hacking energy will weaken because of attention distracted by sex, money and position.

Not the same problem should be solved twice.

Creative brain is a precious resource and limited. These resources should not be wasted just to rethink a problem from the bottom; when there are so many other new interesting problems in this world that awaits.

To be able to behave like a hacker, you have to believe that the thinking time of other hackers is precious – so precious to be a moral obligation for you to share information, solve problems and give answers to other hackers so that they solve the problem / new / and not forever dwell on old problems.

According to the values ​​of hackers, selling only some of the home enough to keep eating, can continue to pay the rent, and still be able to use the computer. Not violate the hacker if you use your knowledge to finance the family or even enrich
themselves, as long as he did remain faithful to the discipline of science and other fellow hackers.

Boredom and drudgery are evil.

Hackers (and creative people in general) should not dibosankan with that stupid job again and again, because it means they do not do the work that can only be done by them – solve new problems. Waste of resources is detrimental to all parties. Therefore boredom and drudgery is not only fun but also evil.

To be able to behave like a hacker, you have to believe this so you want to automate as much as possible of the tedious, not only for ourselves but also others (especially other hackers).

Hackers sometimes do the work in the eyes of other people seem repetitive or boring; is to exercise clear their minds, or in order to gain skills or experience that could not be obtained in that way. Of course this is done on the basis of his own – everyone who is capable of thinking should not be forced to become bored.

Freedom is good.

Naturally anti-authoritarian hacker. Anyone who can rule you will be able to stop you to solve interesting problems – and, according to the authoritarian mind brain, in general will make an excuse which is really stupid for it. So the authoritarian attitude has to be fought wherever you are, so that later you do not press
and other hackers.

The authoritarian live on censorship and secrecy. They do not believe in cooperation and sharing of information – the only kind of ‘cooperation’ is preferred that they control. So to act like a hacker, you need to develop a sense of hate censorship, secrecy, and the use of force or fraud to impose the will in adults. And you must be willing to act on the basis of this belief.

Attitude alone is nothing without skill.

To be a hacker, you need to develop some of the attitudes that have been mentioned. But it has an attitude just is not making a person become a hacker, or a champion athlete or rock star. To be a hacker takes intelligence, training, dedication, and hard work.

So, you need to learn to not trust just attitude and respect every form of capability. Hackers are not willing to spend time with people who just act like hackers, but hackers adore expertise – especially expertise in hacking, but also expertise in any field. A great advance in the field of expertise that is difficult and can only be mastered by a few people, and it is best expertise in the difficult and involves mental acuity, skills, and concentration.

If you adore the skills, you will feel happy in improving the ability of self – the hard work and dedication will be a kind of game that’s fun instead of drudgery. And this is important in the process of becoming a hacker.

Basic Hacking Capability

Hacker attitude is important, but even more importantly, expertise. Attitude not a substitute for the expertise, and there is a set of skills using the tools you need to master before anyone could even think to call you a hacker.

The device of this tool is slowly changing as technology creates new skills and make old skills are useless. For example, the first including machine language programming skills, and abilities and only HTML has not been recently only. What is clear at this time which included:

1. Learn programming.

This of course is the fundamental hacking skill. If you have never learned any programming language, I recommend starting with Python. Design and clean, well-documented, and easy enough for beginners. Though a first language, does not mean Python just toys; Python is very powerful and flexible and
suitable for large projects. I wrote an evaluation of a more detailed Python. Python tutorials can be viewed on the Python website (Indonesian translation).

Java is also a good language to learn programming. More difficult than Python, but produces faster code than Python. I think Java is very good as a second language.

Keep in mind that with only one or two programming languages ​​you will not achieve the skill level of a hacker, or even a programmer – you need to learn how to look at programming in general, not dependent on any one language. To become a true hacker, you need to reach the stage where you can learn a new language in a few days, by linking what is in the manual to what you already know. This means, you need to learn some languages ​​far different from one another.

If you want to get into serious programming, in the end you have to learn C, the core language of the Unix operating system. C + + is closely related to C; if you know which one, learning the other will not be difficult. But both are not a suitable language to be studied first.

Other languages ​​is also important to hackers include Perl and LISP. Perl deserves to be studied to practical needs; Perl is very widely used for active web pages and for system administration, so
though later on you will not make a program in Perl, you should learn how to read Perl. LISP deserves to be studied because it will provide experience ‘open mind’ if you have apprehended; to learn LISP, you will become a better programmer, even though in reality you will rarely use it.

The best actually learn everything (Python, Java, C / C + +, Perl, and LISP). Besides being the most important languages ​​in hacking, each representing a different programming approach, and each language will give you valuable lessons.

Of course, here I may not give complete instructions how to programming – programming is a complex skill. However, one clue that I gave: books and courses alone will not make you become a programmer (many, perhaps most of all was the best hacker independent study). You will be a programmer with (a) / read
code / and (b) / write code.

Learning to program is like learning to write in natural language. The best way to do it by reading the posts made by the experts, to write your own little, read more, write more, and repeat it in writing until you begin to form kind of strength and proficiency in the use of words such as writings that you initially look up .

Previously difficult to find good code to read, because the first few large programs contained in the form of source to be read and touched novice hackers. Now conditions are much different: open-source software, programming tools, and operating systems (all built by hackers) are now widely available. And this leads us to the next point?

2. Find, learn, and run one version of Unix open-source.

I assume you have, or gain access to a personal computer (the children now easily gain access). If there is one important step for beginners to get the ability of hackers, it is to get a copy of the Linux operating system or one of the BSD Unix, install it on your own computer, and run it.

(No I recommend installing Linux alone if you are a beginner. Find a computer club or a Linux user group in your area and ask for help, or contact the Linux Internet Support Co-Operative. LISC care of IRC channels where you can ask). Of course, in this world there are many operating systems besides Unix. But operating systems are distributed in the program so (binary) – the code you can not read, so the operating system were out of your modifications. Learn hacking in DOS or Windows or MacOS is like learning to dance with the whole body cast.

Moreover Unix operating system was the Internet. While certainly can learn to use the Internet without knowing Unix, you will not be able to become an Internet hacker without understanding Unix. For this reason, the hacker culture today tend to be heavy enough to Unix.

So, create a Unix system – I personally like Linux but of course there are others (and yes, you / can / run Linux and DOS / Windows on the same machine). Learn Unix. Run Unix. Playing games with Unix. Related to the Internet via Unix. Read the code. Modifications. In Unix you’ll find a better programming tools (including C, Lisp, Python, and Perl) than any Microsoft operating system, you’ll have fun, and you’ll get more knowledge than you realize until later when you look back has been an expert hacker.

* More about learning Unix, see The Loginataka
* For Linux, see Where I get Linux cans
* BSD Unix help and resources you can see in http://www.bsd.org
* I wrote the introduction to the basic Unix and Internet

3. Learn how to use the World Wide Web and how to write HTML.

Most of the hacker culture of working behind the scenes without a lot of unknown people, to help operate the factories, offices, and universities, with no clear influence on the way of life of the non-hackers. The Web is an exception, even the politicians had to admit that the great toys and glittering hacker has changed the world. For
one reason alone (and also many other good reasons) you need to learn how the operation of the Web.

That is more than just how to use a browser (because if it anyone can), but learning how to write HTML, the Web markup language. If you have not mastered programming, by writing HTML will teach you some mental habits that will help you learn programming. So, create a home page.

Status in the Hacker Culture

As in many other cultures without a money economy, the world’s hackers to walk on reputation. You are trying to solve interesting problems, but how interesting issue, and whether your solutions are really good, is something that generally can only be judged by your colleagues or your boss.

Likewise, in a game hacker, you maintain the value, especially through the views of other hackers to your ability (this is why you have not really a hacker until other hackers consistently call you a hacker). This fact is obscured by the image of hacking as solitary work; also by cultural taboo hacker
(Which is now slowly disappearing but still strong) that do not recognize that ego or external validation of an effect on one’s motivation.

Strictly speaking, the hacker world is what is called by anthropologists as culture / giving /. Position and reputation could not be obtained by controlling the other person, or by becoming a beautiful person, or by having something that is not owned by anyone else, but by giving something. More precisely, by giving your time, creativity, and the results of your ability.

Basically there are five things you can do to be respected by hackers:

1. Writing open-source software.

The first one (the most central and most traditional) is to write a program that is deemed useful or exciting by other hackers, then give the source program, for use by the whole hacker culture.

The gods are revered in the hacker world to those who have written large programs with high and needed everywhere, and then provide this program free of charge, and now the program has used every person.

2. Help test and debug the open-source software

Hereinafter meritorious are those who survive to use and debug the open-source software. In this imperfect world, we inevitably have to spend most of the time of software development in the debugging stage. Therefore each authors open-source software in their right mind would argue that a good beta testers (who know how to explain the symptoms of the problem clearly, how to localize the problem, can tolerate bugs in quick release, and willing to perform some simple diagnostic routines) is very, very valuable . Even just one beta testers have been able to help make the debugging stage of a long an exhausting nightmare became simply a nuisance that actually healthful.

If you are a beginner, try to find a program that is under development, which appeals to you, and be a good beta testers. From here you will naturally increase from helping test programs to help modify the program. You’ll learn a lot, and in turn you will get help from others when needed.

3. Publish useful information.

Which is still good to do that is to collect and filter the information interesting and useful to the web pages or documents like FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions – list of answers to questions frequently asked of people), and make
These documents are easily obtained people.

Technical FAQ maintainer big ones also get respect is almost like the authors of open-source software.

4. Helps keep the infrastructure running.

Hacker culture (and also in this case the engineering development of the Internet) is run by volunteers. Lots of work needed but not a great job, which must be done so everything is still running? administering mailing lists, moderating newsgroups, maintaining large software archive sites, developing RFCs documents and other technical standards.

Those who do such things as well as well respected, because people know that this kind of work to spend more time and less fun than playing with the code. Doing a job like this shows that someone has the dedication.

5. Devoted to the hacker culture itself.

Finally, you can serve and propagate the hacker culture (by, for example, writing a guide suitable for beginners on how to become a hacker). You can not do this unless it has been quite a while and become well-known figure in one of four things before.

The hacker culture does not exactly have a leader, but has the hero, tribal elders, historians, and its spokesman. If you have enough time in the ‘battlefield’, you can just get one of these positions. Warning: do not trust the hacker’s ego is too prominent tribal elders, so dangerous if you are too visible to try to become famous. The correct way is to position ourselves should such that the position is clear you have accomplished, and then be humble and friendly relation with the position you are.

Relations Hacker / The eccentric-eccentric

Contrary to popular myth, does not need to be quirky to be a hacker. While that may actually help, and in fact many hackers who are quirky people. Being socially marginalized people who help you stay focused
on the things that really matter, like thinking and hacking.

For this reason, many hackers adopt the label ‘nerd’ and even use the term a more rough ‘geek’ as a badge of pride – how to declare freedom from social demands. Behold The Geek Page for a thorough discussion.

If you still can focus on hacking to be quite an expert and still have social activities, it is legitimate. This is more easily done now than when I was a novice in the 1970’s, mainstream culture today is much more friendly on the techno-nerd. In fact there are more and more people realize
that hackers sometimes a lover of quality and potential candidates for a life partner. More information about this, see Girl’s Guide to Geek Guys.

If your interest in hacking is that you do not have other activities, it also does not matter – at least not need to bother to concentrate. Hopefully one day you will get a social life.

Style Guide

I repeat, to be a hacker, you need to enter the mindset of hackers. Certain things you do when away from the computer sometimes help achieve them. Of course, these activities not as a substitute for hacking (nothing can replace the hacking) but many hackers do, and feel that these are essentially related to the essence of hacking.

* Read a work of science fiction. Come to a meeting of science fiction (one of the good road to meet hackers and proto-hackers).

Learn about Zen, and / or practicing martial arts. (Mental discipline that is taught similar to hacking the important things.)

* Sharpen the hearing of music. Learning to appreciate the types of music that is not common. Learning to become an expert in playing certain musical instruments, or practice singing.

* Develop an appreciation of wordplay.

* Learn to write in your native language (A lot of hackers, including all the best hackers I know, is a skilled writer.)

More and more of the things over which you have done, the more likely you are a candidate for a talented hacker. Why do the things above that associated with hacking is not entirely clear, but it all relates to the combined left and right brain abilities are important (hackers need to think logically and also at times had to step out of the general logic of a problem).

Finally, some of the things that are / not / should do:

* Do not use ID or a pseudonym that ridiculous or excessive.
* Do not engage in flame wars on Usenet (or anywhere else).
* Do not title themselves ‘cyberpunk’, do not deal with the ‘cyberpunk’.
* Do not send the full post or email bertata typo and bad language.

The only reputation you’ll get if you do the things above are as dumb people. Hackers usually a good memory – it may take many years before you can be welcomed back.


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