Ancelotti, Wenger slams LC Final Ticket Price

LONDON, – Chelsea coach, Carlo Ancelotti, and Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger, menila Champions League final ticket price at Wembley Stadium on May 28 was too expensive.

UEFA set a Champions League final ticket prices most expensive in history. For prestigious party, the cheapest ticket of 176 pounds (about USD 2.53 million). While the most expensive tickets priced £ 326 (USD 4.6 million). Criticism of this decision. Michael Brunskill, a spokesman for Football Supporters Federation, described the price of the ticket with the words “really keteraluan”.

“UEFA wanted too much money. I hope UEFA reduce the price. However, I do not think it will happen,”said Ancelotti as reported by the Guardian. While Wenger has demanded that UEFA re-review the policies about the Champions League final ticket price. “Personally, I want a cheaper ticket prices in the final because you do not have to make a difference in revenue for a special event (the final) in a very popular sport,”explained Wenger.


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