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The mosque is Quiet It Now So Silent Witness

JAKARTA – Pascabentrokan mass in Cikeusik Pandeglang, Banten, a few weeks ago, leaving a sad story for the Ahmadiyah congregation in other cities. Some mosques are generally crowded with sudden silent-silent recitation.

It was implied from the Masjid Al Hidayah, Sawangan, Depok, when visited by Legal, recently. The mosque is located on the edge of the highway Sawangan seem deserted, only seen dozens of policemen from the police revealed new Sawangan in case if there is a counterattack against the Ahmadiyah congregation.

The condition of the mosque is less maintenance. The floor was dirty full of dust visible. Shelves of books that are near the entrance looks unkempt, a collection of books lined irregular. In addition, the toilet in front of the mosque which is located the main building looks like a dry laintainya had not been used. But electricity and water are still functioning properly.

Circumstances surrounding the mosque which had stood for decades it seems devoid of life. Behind the mosque appears to hundreds of hectares of vacant abandoned garden. Not far from the mosque, there is a private house but the empty building and looks unkempt.

While on the left side of the mosque there are three houses standing. Legal When trying to dig up information from people around, no matter seeorang willing to open your mouth. They were reluctant to comment even look like fear. “Oh sorry, yes, I do not know-menau. Tanya wrote each other,” said a middle-aged female owner of the salon on the left side of the mosque.

As with the citizens across the mosque which is more open about the existence of these places of worship. According to Leah, one of the residents whose homes were Sawangan Depok directly opposite the mosque, after the incident in Cikeusik, Pandeglang, Banten, suddenly halted activities at the mosque.

In fact, he added, every Friday or Sunday, the mosque is always crowded pilgrims from various regions. “Usually crowded mba, park full of vehicles congregation,” said Leah told Legal few moments ago. Lia is already ten years residence in front of the mosque is often admitted misgivings. Because the mosque which stands on 1,000 m2 of land was often visited by groups who disagree with the teachings of Ahmadiyah.

Its peak, continued Lia, when the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) issued a fatwa error Ahmadiyya five years ago. The mosque is visited by hundreds of masses who reject its existence. “Its mass loads mba, get there (pointing toward gas station located hundreds of meters), carry gasoline. My own fear, afraid to hit,” he said.

Lia says, the majority of the Ahmadiyya mosque worshipers among the elite. Because, who attended prayers at the mosque every Friday and on Sunday afternoon using personal vehicles that meet the courtyard. “If Jumatan mba bustling, female-male prayer all in,” said 60-year-old woman.

Riot reporting on violence against Ahmadis in the mass media also affected the activities of the congregation at the Masjid Al-Mubarok, Jagakarsa.

From observation, the new mosque was completed renovated looks lonely. There is no activity whatsoever. Mosque door shut. The mosque that looks pretty exclusive has just updated the size of the dome is made of concrete. While the walls of the mosque still has not been painted because of the cement layer.

Buildings which stood on the land is large enough in front of blue signs that read attached Jami Masjid Al-Mubarok almost opposite the other a mosque, belonging to local residents. Both these mosques is only approximately 15 meters apart by road.

The existence of Ahmadiyah congregation in the midst of its own neighborhood residents to leave an impression. Similarly, the perceived Sawangan Depok residents around the Ahmadiyya mosque. According to one resident who did not want to be named, local residents often talk about the existence of Ahmadiyah congregation located in the middle of the neighborhood. Even when it was carried away dozens of residents to burn the mosque, but successfully prevented the authorities.

According to him, residents question the Ahmadiyya teachings with the teachings of Islam which they have adopted. “Once I told Sir Joseph (Ahmadis), who used to come to this mosque. He says the Prophet Muhammad is dead, dead people can not serve as an example again. So have to find a replacement, yes, he said that Mirza Ghulam gantiin,” he told Legal.

Since then he claimed never again pray in the mosque named Al Hidayah it. Legal When asked, whether there are other things that differ between the Ahmadis to Islam, man wearing a black shirt shows the arms upward in a green banner that read: “Love for all hartred for none of love for all hatred is not for anyone”. “Try mba read it! The Islamic way, the words used in English, weird right?” he said.

Another thing revealed a merchant meatball lived not far from the mosque. He tells us, the Ahmadis have a decent character to the neighbors. “He’s really good mba. If there’s anything helpful. My neighbor was Ahmadiyya, but ruqyah really good,” said the man who did not want to be named.

The man from Central Java who had lived two years in this Depok Sawangan said, the Ahmadiyya mosque when the Eid al-Adha at most provide the meat compared to other mosques. “Altars at most, 5 cows at 8 goats, people take (the meat) to it all,” he said.

But he admitted there did feel strange to the teachings of Ahmadiyah. This is evident when he Maghrib salat in congregation in the mosque after the trade. “Salat Maghribnya inappropriately delayed schedule, and prayer Isyanya accelerated before seven nights. I was curious, too,” he said.

Bloody incidents that occurred in the village Umbulan Cikeusik, Pandeglang, Banten, was not only affect the residents in the surrounding events. A number of residents whose homes were adjacent to the Ahmadiyya mosque in Jakarta area, too worried.

Call it, Vita (24) residents Jagakarsa, South Jakarta, whose house was adjacent to the Ahmadiyya mosque in the area Jagakarsa. “There must be feeling really scared because it was close to where I live. I am afraid that there will be a violent protest then it would have an impact to my neighborhood,” said Vita.

Dikisahkannya first, there had come to protest the mass of pilgrims to the existence of Ahmadiyah. “I am afraid, will the trauma incident, I hope the government is also firmly. Ahmadiyya here should be dissolved or how to do let alone equally tasty. Because enough to make people uneasy,” said Vita.

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