Not the LCS, But Presents Religion & State

Violence for violence in the name of religion continues to happen, even every year the numbers have increased.

One of the most brand-new religious background of violence and the tragic are the thousands of residents clash with Ahmadiyah congregation in Cikeusik Pandeglang, Banten, December 6, 2011 last. Three pilgrims from the teachings of Islam are considered to deviate from this stretch nyama due to be judged an angry mob.

But long before this case happened, kakerasan masked this religion just like a soap opera. Serial episodes of human conflict is constantly presented Interfaith mass media of various regions in Indonesia.

Conflicts involving particularly Ahmadis tajinya shows no government policy in the Joint Decree (SKB), the three ministers. SKB Ahmadiyah is ignored. Although the Government has issued a decree, does not necessarily make their form of Islam stopped, the fact Ahmadiyya activities still exist after the decree is issued.

The presence of LCS continues to be debated and disputed by many parties. There LCS but if not significant. Ahmadis are still free to spread the influence in Indonesia. It also shows that black and white of the LCS as if only a series of words that are meaningless.

In the House of Representatives Commission VIII meeting with the Minister of Religious Affairs and the Police a few days ago, concluded that the LCS three ministers did not run as it should and less socialization to the community. There are even people who do not know the existence of the decree-menau.

Pascaperistiwa bleed the many people who no longer provide a solution to the issue of his decree, but the final solution. Disband Ahmadiyah Ahmadiyya or become a new religion. This was conveyed by members of the House of Representatives Commission VIII Hazrul Azwar to Okezone in ruanganya a few moments ago. “Final solution, yeah one word aja, disband Ahmadiyah,” he said.

The same is also disclosed a board member of Democratic Party of Struggle faction, Zainun Ahmadi. “The ball is now in government, would take the authority to dissolve or replace (Ahmadiyya) with a new religion,” he said.

Masked religious conflict is not only Ahmadis alone makes keruyaman in the internal life of Muslims. But others still have a potential conflict of SARA occurred in Indonesia. Violence in the name of this religion will flourish if the approach will be limited to law enforcement was still haphazard.

Learning from the many cases above, then the religion should be present as a solution rather than a source of problems. In the Qur’an Surat Al-Maidah Verse 8, Allah says: “O ye who believe let you be the people who always uphold the (truth) for Allah, as witnesses to fair dealing. And let not the hatred of people, encourage you to apply unfair. Applies fair, because fair it is nearer to piety. And fear Allah, verily Allah is Informed of what ye do. ”

Religious teachings also provide guidance for every believer to spread the seeds of love to all people regardless of skin color, hair, language, religion and belief. By understanding the true religion, will arise a sense of tolerance amongst.

Tolerance is also seen as a very effective tool in minimizing conflicts. Tolerance in the context of social, cultural, and religious attitudes and actions which means that prohibits discrimination against different groups or can not be accepted by the majority in a society.

One thing that is not less important is the presence of the state as a mediator in the conflict of religious background. Like in sebuh games, state fair, as the referee appeared not to be intellectual actor who makes the scenario of conflict. The position of the state must be strong and fair, impartial one interest. States must be part of conflict resolution.


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