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Ilham Habibie: Achieving Success Time Management Key

Management of a good time to be one key to success, said Chairman of Indonesian Muslim Intellectuals Association (ICMI), Ilham Akbar Habibie in front of 500 students new Hasanuddin University in Makassar, on Sunday.

As a student, he said, is the golden period of a person able and willing to absorb all the existing science.

“Fill the time to absorb all the science but still have to have priorities, learn efficiently by knowing the true biological rhythms and to test ourselves,” he said forum leaders share the map of life.

He who earned his doctorate at the Technical University of Munich, Germany was admitted never stop learning.

“I’ve been a student of the Faculty of Letters, University of Indonesia,” said one designer wing of the Boeing 737 when it became one of the specialist engineer at the American aircraft industry.

The father of three children also prefer to fill his spare time by reading various types of books or magazines.

Even when I had decided to leave the field of aviation technique that became her obsession since childhood, he did not hesitate to go back to school on business and management.

“I do not have a career plan to be outside the field of aviation, but with a heavy heart I decided to leave because of a situation and decided to be entrepreneurial,” he said.

From this experience, he later concluded that in life, everyone should be realistic and flexible to face the situation because sometimes the plan does not match reality.

Now, he who is the managing director of three companies and commissioners from five companies engaged in the processing industry.

Another thing that will determine success, he continued, is the focus, discipline and luck which he summed up as the result of a meeting between preparation and opportunity.

He who spends more than three decades of his life in Germany say, success is achieved when this also can not be separated from the parent upbringing Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie and Hasri Ainun Besari especially discipline.

Author of books and training initiator Managing the Future of Life Plan (MHMMD) Marwah Daud Ibrahim hopes the map of life and experience Ilham Akbar Habibie, to inspire the students.

Contents include the concept MMHMMD determine the proper idol, the potential for self-auditing, time management, focus, plan, discover opportunities and areas of science, morality, faith and charity.

Ilham added, students who wish to work in South Sulawesi is to explore the areas considered likely in this area.

He considered South Sulawesi have good and consistent economic growth in agriculture. One of the opportunities that exist is to master knowledge in the industry to process natural resources for added value.

“Students need to understand how local or in the future of our country,” he said.


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