Signal the Death of Football

Who does not know the toughness of Brazil, the Netherlands, Spain, Germany or Italy. Countries that always graced the World Cup event. Do you want to Indonesia as the fifth country? Any elementary school kid would say yes.

Perhaps the answer is different when the question posed to adults or unscrupulous officials in this beloved country. On the basis of interests, personnel officials in this country would prefer not to answer. Thinking big projects that bring more financially realistic for them.

Prologue at the top simply mirror the nation. Great nation that should be role models of other countries, especially in the sports sector. The reality is very contradictory. Eviction sports facilities like football pitch easily done. Menteng Stadium field has changed shape and Union Makes Strength (UMS), must stop their activities. Stadium Lebak Bulus teramcam will now razed to the ground.

The stadium that had become the headquarters of Persija Jakarta will be minted by the city administration. Later, the Stadium Lebak Bulus included in the project area of ​​Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) or better known as the subway. This year, the stadium is located in the south of Jakarta, it will be torn down.

Dream child of this country to become the successor to football legend Indonesia as Iswadi Idris, Ronnie and Ricky Yakobi Pasla may not materialize for good. To be a player as good as them, surely the government must provide adequate facilities and infrastructure. One football pitch.

If you want football this country forward, government should establish adequate means of coaching football at every keacamatan or city. Law of the National Sport System any such mandates. There is no excuse for the government to delay or refuse to provide adequate football facilities. Conversely, some football facilities destroyed precisely because the various interests.

Bertaburnya football pitch would have increased the interest of the nation’s children play and become a great player. Children are easily distribute interest as a reliable player for adequate facilities. The pattern of development from the lowest level was also going well and a lot of great players in the embryo of this Mother Earth.

But what happened to football embryonic Republic of Indonesia is really tragic. They are increasingly difficult to find the arena to play football. If any, they have to pocket big enough that really does not make sense for small people. They have to hire a field that reaches hundreds of thousands or millions just to play for one to two hours.

These conditions forced them racked his brains to play football. The highway used as the main alternative to show their talents and hobbies. Any danger and calamity awaits the prospective sports heroes. Again the little man continues to be a target because playing football is not in place.

Simultaneously Menteng Stadium, Stadium Lebak Bulus destroyed and discontinuation of development activities in the Field of UMS, meant to signal the death of building sepakola, especially in the capital Jakarta. In fact, the government is obliged to provide sports facilities, including soccer for its citizens.

If so, never again dream of all parties including the Indonesian government could be Brazil or Spain. Do not ever expect Indonesia Raya songs reverberated overseas as the national team into champions. Uninstall all targets when appearing in the international arena.

Red and White national team glory in the era of Iswadi Idris, Ronnie and Ricky Yakobi Pasla not be repeated. Indonesian soccer heroes would only go down in history. The children in this country can only be read, without any shred of a chance to follow the achievement Iswadi, Ronnie, and Ricky.
Fetra Hariandja


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