Loved Ahmadiyya, Ahmadiyah Kicked

In 1907, a woman from among the German elite, Carolyn, converted to Islam. Prussian royal family Princess derivatives are interested in Islam after reading the books a good Islam and European standards.

Sign in Islam Carolyn very shocking the Germans at that time. It’s known, early 20th century, Muslims in Europe face still looks prengus and dirty. Political propaganda and mass media in Europe against Islam face a fierce and frightening still haunt the Germans. Sign in Islam Carolyn important perhaps is the momentum of the “introduction” of Islam in Germany’s largest and most advanced countries in the world after the United Kingdom. Carolyn Islam also brings a huge impact: the Europeans, especially Germans, began to slightly reduce the “allergy” was on Islam. The next surprise occurred again in 1982. A large mosque stands in the city of Pedro Abad, a small town in the province of Cordova, Spain.

Community Spain busy discussing the establishment of the magnificent Mosque Basyarah it because this is the first mosque built in Spain in the next 750 years after the demise of the triumph of Islam in Europe centered on the Matador State. For Western Europeans who had occupied the Islamic empire for 750 years, the mosque’s presence revived memories of defeat at the hands of Christian Europe that Osmani is the Islamic Turkish Empire. Then, 21 years later, in 2003, the European community was shocked by the news re-construction of the grandest and largest Islamic mosques in Western Europe, namely Masjid Baitul Futuh, in Morden District, City of London, England.

Periodicals in Britain’s The Informer mentions that the mosque Baitul Futuh is one of 50 buildings and best-known building in the world. In 2003, the European Community also made astonished and amazed when the European media reported that Muslims in Germany in the next 50 years will build 100 mosques throughout Germany. One of them who have been very shocking German society, especially the city of Berlin, is the construction of Khadija Mosque in the city of Berlin in late 2008. After that, the inauguration of Mubarak Mosque in the district of Saint Prix, Paris, France.

Europeans who value freedom and human rights seem to support the construction of places of Islamic worship. This occurs because the spread of Islamic teachings in mosques was the theme of love for all, hatred for none (love to anyone, no hate to anyone.) Today, thousands, even millions, of books published in America, Europe, Asia, and Australia by the Muslims to build mosques in Europe is magnificent. Millions of people have been invited to the Islamic understanding of the great, noble, and loving through the books.


On the other hand, far away from Europe, in a great study, which was attended thousands of Muslims in Yogyakarta, the early 1980s, a famous preacher KH Ir HA Syahirul Alim, MSc, professor of chemistry Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (MIPA) UGM , proudly claimed that the end of the 20th century is a momentum return of Islam in the stage world-class science. At that time, Muslims around the world are enjoying the euphoria of “Nobel Prize in Physics” received by Prof Dr Abdus Salam of Pakistan in 1979.

Prof Dr Ahmad Baiquni, nuclear physicist, a friendly good with Abdus Salam invited to speak everywhere in Indonesia to explain the suitability of the verses of the Koran with the natural sciences which has led to Abdus Salam won the Nobel Physics is very prestigious. Publisher Reader Bandung specially published a small book titled Islam and Science by Prof. Baiquni in which explains the discovery of the Abdus Salam nobelis it. Hail the torch of Islamic science and become penggugah the Muslims to re-achieve greatness in science has ever clutched on to the seventh century until the 15th, write Republika.

Indonesia’s largest Islamic daily also praised Salam as the greatest Islamic scientists and the first Muslim scientist who received the Nobel Prize the most prestigious in the field of atomic physics in the midst of the decline of Islamic science in the last five centuries. Abdus Salam born in Pakistan, January 29, 1926 it earned a physics doctorate at the age of 26 years from Cambridge University, England. Abdus Salam in his research had found that in fact all the forces that exist in the universe-the force of gravity, electromagnetic, strong nuclear and weak nuclear forces – essentially a single entity. The idea of ​​this research Abdus Salam, according to his confession, inspired by the statement in the Qur’an Surah Al-Mulk paragraph 3 of the balance of God’s creation.

Abdus Salam died in 1996. Islamic World berbelasungkawa deep over his departure. The two leaders are very hostile to Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto and Ziaul Haq, Pakistan unite to give a true hero title for him. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia who held a red carpet when the Abdus Salam came to the Holy Land come condolences on the death of Salam. They love to Abdus Salam because he has it the name of Islam in the international arena. Then, who is Professor Abdus Salam who had a tremendous energy to look for common ground Quranic verses with the natural sciences? Where Muslims who built magnificent mosques in Spain after 750 years buried in the land of Islam name Real Madrid?

The book by who managed to convert Carolyn, Prussian noblewoman who then turned the image of Islam in German? Apparently, they all were Ahmadis. Abdus Salam was the Ahmadiyya. Who built a mosque in Spain is also the Ahmadiyya. Carolyn read a book that is also the work of the Ahmadiyya. Ahmadiyya People have a lot of remarkable achievements as a principle of priority to love and work in religion. One interpretation of the Koran is phenomenal in the world, The Holy Quran, Maulana Muhammad Ali’s work, intellectual Ahmadiyya, a reading inspirational figures such as Bung Karno Indonesian fighters and HOS Cokroaminoto. In the world, The Holy Quran is also a reference to Islamic studies in Europe and America.

But what about now in Indonesia? Ahmadi people who have it the name of Islam in the international world has now kicked. His house was destroyed. They are reviled, they were tortured. Country with 200 million Muslims had forgotten that the contribution of the Ahmadiyya Muslim syiar that’s great. Ahmadiyya is the millions of people in the world seems to only have the patience to wait letup anger Indonesian society, he said, Muhammad is the apostle of love.

Had Muslims asked Jalaluddin Rumi and Ibn Arabi, what’s the difference between pilgrims and pilgrims Ahmadiyya Islam Experts Sunnah, the answer is surely this: the two pilgrims are equally loved Allah and His Messenger, Muhammad. Up to this point, let us ponder: The Messenger sent into the world to perfect the human character, for our fellow human beings love each other and love each other. Not the opposite, attacking and torturing human beings simply because of disagreement as in Pandeglang and Bogor. (*)

M Bambang Pranowo
Professors of UIN Jakarta, Director of the Institute of Islamic Studies and Peace


5 Responses

  1. nampaknya penting untuk kita catat, bahwa ahmadiyah menyimpang dari akidah Islam. tepatnya ahmadiyah mendirikan “agama” dalam “agama” atau mengaku bagian dari Islam padahal menyimpang. sehingga ahmadiyah tidak bisa dikatakan sebagai mazhab dalam Islam. toh kalau kemudian ada orang yang membaca buku ahmadiyah, lalu menerima dan memeluknya maka pembaca tersebut masuk agama ahmadiyah. salam kenal.

    • terimakasih komentnya….

    • Sesungguhnya amatsedikitlah manusia yang memahami tentang islam…sehingga diantara manusia yang merasa benar akan menyalahkan keberadaan manusia lain ketika diantara nya terdapat perbedaan..apa sih yang menjadi permasalahan di Ahmadiyah.? tidak lain adalah tentang kenabian…nah disinilah manusia tidak mau berfikir…secara rasional..nabi adalah dari bahasa arab yaitu dari kata naba’.dan naba’ itu adalah berita…jadi artinya orang menjadi nabi itu sudah tidak asing lagi…karena orang yang menyampaikan berita itu di sebut naba’ juga..seperti halnya dengan sbutan ustad ustad adalah sebuatan sopir..sebagai orang bijak tentu kita tidak boleh sembarangan mengatakan bahwa ajaran itu sesat hanya kita tidak tau makna bukankah kta ini adalah rag yg mengaku beriman kepada kitab ..? mengapa kita mengabaikan nya…bukankah Al Qur an kitab petunjuk…( Al baqoroh )-2/185. (Beberapa hari yang ditentukan itu ialah) bulan Ramadhan, bulan yang di dalamnya diturunkan (permulaan) Al Quran sebagai petunjuk bagi manusia dan penjelasan-penjelasan mengenai petunjuk itu dan pembeda (antara yang hak dan yang bathil). dan bukan kah kta akan di katakan tersesat bila mengikuti kebanyakan orang….Qs(Al an’am) 6:116. Dan jika kamu menuruti kebanyakan orang-orang yang di muka bumi ini, niscaya mereka akan menyesatkanmu dari jalan Allah. Mereka tidak lain hanyalah mengikuti persangkaan belaka, dan mereka tidak lain hanyalah berdusta (terhadap Allah

  2. salam kenal jg mas….

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