Husband Cut Tari: I Am Not a whiny Man

Yusuf Subrata support to his wife, Cut Tari, since the outset it raises the pros and cons. He was just being sincere and not whiny like a problem.

“I’m so-so only, if that journey like this, yes lived alone. I am not a sissy man, who ran away from problems. We as human beings who have the intellect, must be responsible, “said Joseph, told reporters who met him at the ‘Women & Children Hospital’, Jakarta, Tuesday (08/02/2011).

Her attitude was in fact provoked public curiosity. How did Joseph get the power, until so dear to Cut Dance.

“Nah there is nothing secret. This is the case only. I also know baseball, this is the situation. Who have the power not mine. Nah I need to talk where that power, “he said while continuing to sell out a smile.

Joseph also dicecar will notice first, when his wife caught porn video case with Ariel. At that time, Joseph said it would settle the issue once and will do the next step. What is the answer to Joseph?

“Not now,” he said simply.

Joseph adds, do not know what to say. During this time all went normal.

“How people really hard to accept? All human beings make mistakes, that’s for sure. Depending tarafnya, depending on what we should sikapi, “he said.


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