Ressa Herlambang Adoption American Dance Origin

MNCTV tonight will hold a big music event-gedean titled ‘No Music No Live’ which was broadcast live on Saturday (5 / 2) tonight at Home House MNCTV, Street Gate II, East Jakarta.

MNCTV working with labels Nagaswara to mobilize the best singer 30 artists, including: Zivilia, Ressa Herlambang, T2, Trio Macan, Erie Suzan, Alexa Key, and the duet fenomal Shinta-Jojo is ready to shoot the next single ‘Gecko Belang’.

Ressa Herlambang who met while in MNCTV rehearsal on Friday (4 / 2) nights, a little give leaks about the action later.

“I ngedance, and friends also ngedance, there will be a breakthrough which will all participate. Gue and dancer team have prepared a simple movement and later the audience could follow his movements, “said Ressa.

By the way, the dance was specially created Ressa for her performance tonight?

“That dance move, or move in which flash like startled movement of people suddenly go dancing. If the said creation of real, not dong, because of America has created it, but here is special for us to make, “he said.


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