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To all who have felt the “LOVE”

1. Love is like a butterfly. Add pursued, plus run. But if allowed to fly, he will come when you least expect it.

Love can make you happy but often also make sad, but a new love worth if given to someone who appreciates it.

So do not hurry and choose the best.

2. Love is not how a pair of “perfect” for seseorang.Tapi how to find someone who can help you be yourself.

3. Do not ever say “I love you” if you do not care. Never talk about feelings that never existed.

Never touch someone’s life if it will break his heart.

Do not ever looked into his eyes if all you do is lie.

The most cruel thing that someone did to others is to let him fall in love, while you do not intend to arrest him …

4. Love is not “It’s one of you”, but “forgive me”.

Not “You’re where the hell?”, But “I’m here.”

Not “What’s wrong with you?”, But “I understand why.”

Not “Let you not like this”, but “I love you like you know what is.”

5. Compatibility is most definitely not measured by how long you’ve been together or how often you are together, but if during your time together, you always complement each other and make each other a quality life.

6. Sadness and longing just to feel for what you want and slicing deep as you ijinkan.Yang weight is not how to cope with sadness and longing, but how to learn from him.

7. How falling in love: fall but do not stumble, be consistent but do not force, to share and do not be unfair, understand and try not to demanding, sad but do not ever keep that sadness.

8. It hurt to see someone you love is being happy with someone else, but more sick again if someone you love is not happy with you.

9. The most pathetic in life is to find someone and fall in love, only to discover that he is not for you, and you’ve spent a lot of time for people who never appreciate it.

If he was not “worth it” now, he will never be “worth it” one more year or 10 years.

Let him go …

10. Sometimes the Lord who knows best, would give trouble to test us. Sometimes he was hurt, so that wisdom can be embedded in the.

If we lose love, then there must be a reason behind it.

The reason is sometimes difficult to understand, but we still have to believe that …

when he took something, he was ready to give a better.

11. Why wait? because although we want to make a decision, we do not want to rush.

Because even though we want quickly, we do not want sembrono.Karena even if we wanted to find the people we love, we do not want to lose our identity in the process of that search.

12. In the end, it’s better to wait for the people we want, rather than choosing what is there.

Still better to wait for those we love, rather than satisfying themselves with what is there.

Still better to wait for the right person, because life is too short to pass up with the wrong choice, because the wait to have a noble and mysterious.

Most beautiful things in life require a long time, and our anticipation was not in vain.

While waiting requires a lot of things – faith, courage, and hope – hold promise one thing that no one can imagine.

In the end … God in all His wisdom, asks us to wait, because an important reason.

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