Why Less Developing Local Software?

Many problems faced by local IT companies in developing companies in the software market. Starting from the payment system to the center spread of the technology itself.

Presented by the Chairman of the Indonesian Telematics Software Association (ASPILUKI), Djarot Subiantoro, many startup companies that fail to grow because of the payment software system purchased by a particular party.

“Once the purchase is done by the system ‘broken system’, with the composition of which has been set. However, the current payment system changed and carried out per month. This makes the startup software companies fail to grow,” explained Djarot, after attending the opening iMULAI 3.0, in Hotel Mulia, Tuesday (01/25/2011).

Meanwhile, the spread of technology that just happens gap between users in Java and outside Java is too big. So the company can not develop their business ideas further.

Djarot also have some solutions for the development of software industry in the country, among which are the focus of study in a particular country that has developed the device software industry. As is known, India strong in field of software development, advanced in the industry semikonduktur Taiwan and Malaysia too.

“We can not choose the three become mecca of IT companies. There should be the focus of one country should be chosen,” he said.

The last solution is still the need for such an incubation center for the ideas of IT companies to start developing applications. For this we need cooperation between the university, government and the company itself, though all three now have egos and interests of each.

“University of mostly theory, the government is too complicated with the rules of the company while pursuing profits. They would have to be combined to create a kind of an incubation center,” he said.


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