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UK Scientists Change Android So Satellites

British team plans to bring Android-based smart phone into Outer Space. The purpose of this shipment for testing smartphone device when outside the earth, including in controlling the satellite.

The team of scientists from Guildford’s Surrey Satellite Technology Limited plans to orbit along with the Strand-1, which is planned to be launched later this year.

“Smartphones have many sophisticated components such as sensors, video cameras, GPS system and WiFi radio and most importantly of course the existing satellite systems,” said lead researcher Dr Chris Bridges, who was quoted TG Daily , on Tuesday (25/01/2011).

“Modern Smartphones pretty awesome. First of all we want to know whether the phones can work there and if you can, we want to know also whether it can control the satellite phone,” he added.

Later the scientists will conduct several experiments, including controlling the satellite. In addition to these phones will become a small satellite and taking photography of the earth.

The reason is because the use of its own Android phone operating system is based (open source) so easily modified for the purposes of the mission. While the main goal of this project is to find the cheapest way to reach outer space.

Unfortunately it is not known scientists will use the Android mobile phone model which company. This is clearly a new era for the progress of intelligent devices in connecting all segments of the work.

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